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Dife TwothousandandOne: a year of challenges for the future

Our new campaign talks about sustainability, so that this two thousand and one can be a journey to be made together.

Foto di Julian Varricchio
Dife editorial staff
16 gennaio 2021

La nostra nuova campagna si chiama "Dife Duemilaventuno", come il nuovo anno che è appena iniziato.

An important year of rebirth, innovation and great challenges for all of us.

Per prepararci a questo nuovo inizio, nel corso del 2020 abbiamo avviato un'importante operazione di ammodernamento del nostro impianto di Serravalle 1 per migliorarne l'efficienza non solo nell'erogazione dei servizi, ma anche ambientale.

Today that plant we imagined and designed has become reality and our challenge has just begun.

We want to significantly increase the percentage of waste materials to be sent for recovery, because we strongly believe that those scraps represent to all intents and purposes resources that can be reintroduced into the production cycle.

We have been operating as waste management professionals for years, but we have always had a vision that goes beyond classic collection.

We have made sustainability and recovery the cornerstones of our company and this is why we are promoting this approach with this campaign.

Ma c'è di più: abbiamo voluto coinvolgere i nostri clienti, partner e fornitori e abbiamo chiesto di condividere con noi le loro sfide per un futuro più sostenibile.

To find out more about how to be part of our campaign visit https://www.dife.it/duemilaventuno


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