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Revyta Project

Development of fiberglass recovery of Yacht Trains and Motorhomes
The REVYTA(REcupero VetroresinaYacht Trains cAmper) project aims to develop new market opportunities, providing a solution to one of the most delicate and so far unresolved environmental problems (fiberglass waste management).

Theobjective of this project is to propose an industrial and eco-sustainable model of fibreglass recycling, still non-existent in Europe, through the dismantling, disposal and recycling of fibreglass used in the nautical (boats), automotive (motorhomes) and transport (railway carriages) sectors.  

At the same time, ecodesign studies will allow to optimize the upstream production of the components, in terms of alternative shapes and materials, so as to allow, downstream, their simpler and cheaper dismantling, recovery and recycling.  

Finally, the project will test all those automation and robotics solutions, according to the Industry Strategy 4.0, that can be useful to speed up the cutting of GRP parts, avoiding operations dangerous to workers' health, increasing the professional qualifications of the staff employed and drastically reducing costs.  

REVYTA is a project carried out by A.T.S. formed by EFFEBI Spa, leader, and partners DIFE Spa, Sniap Srl, Flashpoint Srl, Consorzio Polo Tecnologico Magona, Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento S. Anna Istituto di Biorobotica and Università di Pisa Dipartimento di Architettura.