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So many needs, one truly global partner
The main activities are concentrated in the collection, transport and treatment of non-hazardous and hazardous industrial waste for recovery and/or disposal. We are also involved in the reclamation and restoration of contaminated sites, emergency environmental intervention, removal of asbestos products, environmental disinfection, demolition and disposal of boats.

The added value: continuous advice and assistance for all phases of waste management.

Dife provides its customers with comprehensive specialist advice, including technical support for production, internal management, waste selection and optimization, administrative support and legal assistance.

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment

We are national leaders in the management of all types of waste for small, medium, large companies and industrial groups. Thanks to a continuous technological improvement of vehicles and plants, we guarantee high percentages of recovery by starting the treated material to a "second life". All materials, both recoverable and non-recoverable, are managed in absolute compliance with environmental and safety laws and regulations.

Asbestos removal and disposal

Dife is equipped with men, means and equipment for the removal of asbestos-containing artefacts in compact or friable matrix and for the renovation of removed asbestos works, taking care of all the administrative paperwork required by the work plan, with a service tailored to the customer's needs.

Removal and renovation work involves both civil and industrial roofing of all sizes and types.

With a technical staff constantly updated on regulatory developments and new types of materials available on the market, Dife advises the customer and provides the most appropriate solutions.

If you are the owner of an artifact containing asbestos and you would like information or specific topics call us, we will be able to give you all the information you are looking for and the necessary support.

How does the removal and refurbishment activity take place?

  • Inspection of specialized technicians to verify the execution of the work
  • Consultancy and technical expertise on asbestos cement roofing
  • Management of administrative practices (work plans) in the competent bodies (USL, Arpat...)
  • Removal of the artefact containing asbestos and remaking of the covering
  • Management of hazardous waste in special treatment plants
Environmental emergency response

The environmental emergency service is active every day and is available 24 hours a day.

The team is composed of specialized personnel who deal with emergency situations and environmental risk with expertise and means to identify, contain and contain any damage, for an immediate and effective service.

What situations are covered by the service?

  • Spillage of materials on soil, subsoil, surface water and groundwater
  • Fires, floods and other natural disasters
  • Accidents on road and motorway sections for which the removal of vehicles and waste is necessary
  • Alteration or damage to food market goods no longer suitable for marketing
Remediation and Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites

The staff, equipment and skills made available allow us to respond to every need for environmental remediation and restoration in a timely and efficient manner.

What does the service include?

  • Reclamation works that can be carried out throughout the national territory for sites where conditions have occurred that make it necessary to restore the environment
  • Cleaning, reclamation, removal of underground and unburied tanks and reservoirs
Demolition and disposal Boats

What can we demolish?

  • Fiberglass yacht
  • Sailboats in wood/glass fibreboard
  • Inflatables
  • Other types of vessels
  • Wood and fiberglass moulds

What are the steps of the service?

  • Inspection of specialized technicians to evaluate the procedures to be followed
  • Quote divided between demolition and disposal items
  • Redazione di un piano operativo di sicurezza con il proprietario dell'imbarcazione
  • Programma di rimozione e pulizia delle cisterne di gasolio con rilascio di certificato di "pulizia a regola d'arte"
  • Demolition and careful selection by waste category
  • Provision of 35 mc caissons
  • Start of waste disposal and/or recovery
  • Invio di copie dei formulari con peso accettato dall'impianto di destinazione il giorno stesso dello scarico
  • Management of the administrative file with the Harbour Master's Office
Room disinfection

Dife is organized to provide advanced disinfection services.

The treatment, in line with the indications of the circular n.5443 of the Ministry of Health, is suitable for any type of confined and non-contained environment, such as offices, factories, accommodation facilities and for means of transport such as trucks, cars, boats.

Disinfection operations are currently the most effective answer to eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria and to ensure a healthy and clean working environment.


Ongoing advice and assistance is always guaranteed for all services and phases of waste management and includes:

- Analysis of waste samples in specialised laboratories

- Advice on optimisation of production processes and waste management

- Legal and regulatory assistance for proper waste management

- Management of documents related to environmental requirements

- Regular communication of contribution statistics

- Workplace health and safety training

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